Wear protection with Xylethon® polymer components

The High Density Polymer to Combat Industrial Wear Problems

The unique molecular chain structure of Xylethon® makes it the densest plastic material available for solving the toughest industrial abrasion and wear problems. Self-lubricating, Xylethon® yields superior abrasion resistance and dimensional stability when compared to PVC, polyethylene UHMW, polyurethane and others.

„On the basis of cost per ton of material transported, Xylethon® is the most cost-effective solution to material handling problems.“

The plastimeric material Xylethon® features a low friction, nonstick, abrasion resistant surface. Rather than becoming serrated and stringy, the surface of Xylethon® actually hardens and polishes with use, yielding a further reduction in the coefficient of friction from 0.08 (as produced) to 0.07. Xylethon® is totally resistant to moisture absorption and generally not affected by corrosive fluids. The Xylethon® matrix contains small amounts of silicon oil and molybdenum disulfide. Due to the alloyed content of its composite matrix, it has a superior dimensional stability when compared to PVC, polyethylene, UHMW, and polyurethane.

Xylethon® – the unique, versatile wear protection Material

Xylethon® has been used as chute and hopper liners, wear strips, conveyor rollers, chip bin liners, skirt boards, waste water sprockets, chain guides, conveyor tracks and curves, gears, low speed bushings and bearings. Increased productivity due to reduced maintenance, downtime and lost production, a wide operating temperature range, exceptional dimensional stability and lowest operating cost make Xylethon® the premier abrasion resistant liner in the industry and applicable for many uses in material handling and transportation, environment, power transmission or pulp and paper.

Worth knowing:

Xylethon® Uses in Material Handling

  • Coal hoppers and chutes
  • Wood chips and bark silos
  • Conveyor chains and skirts
  • Hopper and silo linings
    · Copper concentrates
    · Pellets and pellet mix
    · Iron ore
    · Bauxite
  • Grain elevators
  • Mineral processing equipment

Worth knowing:

Xylethon® Environmental Uses

  • Sludge conveyors
  • Scrubber linings
  • Waste water treatment

Xylethon® Uses in Pulp & Paper

  • Silos
  • Drag chains
  • Hopper chutes

Worth knowing:

Xylethon® Uses in Power Transmission

  • Bushings and bearings
  • Wear strips

Xylethon® Properties – outlasts the Competition 3 to 5 times

Properties Units Typical Values Test
Density g/cm3 0.96 D792
Tensile Strength at Yield at 73°F PSI 2,700 D638
Compressive Strength at 72°F PSI 13,300 LVF1297
Impact Strength ft-lbs/in NOBREAK D256
IZOD Double Notch ft-lbs/in 25 D256
Hardness Shore D 70 D785
Elongation at Break % 300 D638
Water Absorption NIL
Coeefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 1/K 1.0x10-4 D696
Softening Point °F 180
Max. Operating Temperature (Application dependent) °F 300
Coefficient of Friction 0.08 – 0.12

Xylethon® Abrasion Test

Sand slurry test 50/50 water; 1750 RPM for 7 hours

Material Spec. Gravity Volume Loss
Xylethon® 0.97 5
Polyethylene 0.94 18
Nylon 1.13 32
Polyurethane 1.10 46
Teflon 2.15 72
Teflon Fibreglass 2.55 77
Stainless Steel 8.00 84
Poly Carbonate 1.20 96
Carbon Steel 7.96 100

Xylethon® Taber Abrasion Test

CS17 wheels, 5000 cycles, 100 g load

Material Density (g/cm3) Volume Loss (mm3) Mass Loss (mg)
Xylethon® 0.968 0.4 0.4
UHMW-PE, 5M 0.939 2.9 2.7
Stainless Steel - 304 7.75 4.5 34.9
UHMW-PE, 3M 0.934 9.3 8.7

Beware of Substitutions

Xylethon®, through its superior performance and versatility, has become the most imitated plastimeric material. Generic plastic processing companies strive to make their producst appear to look like Xylethon®. Beware of substitutions. Unless your material bears the certification label seal “Xylethon®” you will not get the unique performance and durability of Xylethon® as produced and quality controlled by CeramTec North America Corporation (holding company of former Durawear Corporation).

Xylethon® Sizes and Installation Method

(1) Xylethon®
(2) Substrate
(3) Capped Elevator Bolt
(4) Nut & Washer

(1) Xylethon®
(2) Substrate
(3) Torx Screw

(1) Xylethon®
(2) Substrate
(3) Xylethon® Puck
(4) Weld Washer

Xylethon® can be hand carried since a 4' x 10' x 1/4" thick plate weighs only 50 pounds compared to 408 pounds for steel plate of equal size. Most Xylethon® applications do not require any special handling equipment such as cranes or extra labor. Sabre saw, circular saw or sharp crosscut saw can be used to cut Xylethon®. Drilling holes and countersinking can be accomplished using normal hand or power tools. Standard industrial fasteners can be used with Xylethon®. For steel chutes, 3/16" to 5/16" diameter self tapping torx screws are generally used. For concrete bunkers, steel pins with washers placed under the heads can be readily shot with powder actuated guns to secure the Xylethon® in place.

To mount Xylethon® on worn wear plates, as in the case of chain wear guides and returns, a welding ring mount serves to reduce installation time as much as 75% and is highly effective and efficient. This technique can be used with plate thickness of 3/8" or greater. Contact us for alternate attachment methods which can further reduce installation costs.

Xylethon® Plate

Thickness Inches Size
Larger and intermediate sizes available on request.
1/4" 4 Ft. X 10 Ft.

Xylethon® Round Stock

Diameter Inches Max. length
1" 10 Ft.

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