Advanced Electro Ceramics

Ultrasonic Transducers Manufacture

Our piezoelectric ceramic materials feature very good electrical loss properties, high coupling and excellent mechanical properties. This extensive portfolio of materials is combined with specialist manufacturing capabilities for cost-effective production of piezoelectric ceramic components and subassemblies in prototype to production volumes.

We are skilled in the assembly of custom products to meet tight customer specifications, and have invested in specialist equipment and resources to be able to meet a wide range of requirements.

With our patented cold weld technology we are able to manufacture very efficient piezoelectric ceramic stacks with low losses and high drive intensities, offering typically 20% better performance than conventional stacks.

Our capabilities include:

  • Custom assembly
  • Clean room facilities
  • Wire bonding / pulse soldering
  • Thermal cycling
  • Humidity chamber
  • Encapsulation (thermoplastic and thermoset)

Our transducer and sensor manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9000:2001 and ISO 14001.

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