Advanced Electro Ceramics

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Sensors

CeramTec has developed an ultrasonic flow measurement sensor with a disposable inline tube to accurately measure the flow of a fluid utilising the time of flight technology.

This non-contact ultrasonic flow measurement sensor provides some key features such as:

  • Calibration free operation
  • Up to 5 times higher accuracy compared with
    existing X- illumination
  • Rapid response time – takes up to 9 readings
    per second
  • Sensors do not come into contact the fluid
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low cost disposable flow tube

These features make our non-contact ultrasonic flow measurement sensor particularly suitable for use in the medical industry in areas such as dialysis machines and blood apheresis where the flow rate of blood is a vital parameter to measure. The fact that the sensors never come into contact with the fluid means that they do not need to be cleaned, eliminating the chance of the blood being contaminated by the sensors and greatly reducing the risk infection through the use of the low cost disposable flow tube.

In the graphs below, you can see our real experimentation results showing an excellent accuracy of ±6% over a wide range of flow rates from 2ml/min up to 500ml/min

This is the raw data collected from our in-house experiments on our custom designed flow tube, the trend line on graph displays a correction factor that could be added to the electronics, increasing the accuracy to ±2%

This graph shows the raw data collected from our non-contact ultrasonic flow sensor and highlights its ability to measure to within ±5% from as low as 2ml/min.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement. We have developed our products to measure the flow of many fluids including water, blood, saline and buffer solutions.

The time of flight technology we use provides major benefits such as lower risk of infection compared to thermal mass transfer and lower cost compared to other flow sensing applications such as X-illumination.

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