Advanced Electro Ceramics

Bonding Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers to Tanks

We recommend a heat-cured adhesive to give consistent bond strength and optimum transducer efficiency.

1. Preferred Glue


This is a single component epoxy material available in sheets. It must be refrigerated to maintain its properties in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Preparation of Surfaces

The tank should be freshly abraded before the bonding takes place. MTC ElectroCeramics' transducers in most case supplied with a grit-blasted based to facilitate bonding and abrasion is therefore not required. Both surfaces (tank and transducers) should be cleaned and degreased with a suitable method prior to bonding.

3. Bonding

After cutting the Redux sheets to size, the protective layers should be removed from it, and the bonding done immediately. Pressure must be applied to the bond either by a weight of at least 6kg or, better, via a jig which applies controlled pressure whilst holding the transducer in place.

The inner surface of the tank should be supported to prevent distortion.

The glue must then be heated in an oven at 125ºC for 30 minutes. The weight should be left in place during the cooling down. To ensure all components reach the curing temperature it is recommended that curing fixtures and/or weights are pre-heated.

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