triduon® thermo mixing cartridge with scalding protection

triduon® thermo tames Temperature

triduon® thermo is a mixing cartridge with ceramic discs and thermostatic scalding protection for single-handle mixers. A perfect solution for both spa and in washroom facilities where scalding protection is required.

„triduon® thermo is a mixing cartridge with ceramic discs and with thermostatic scalding protection.“

This mixing cartridge from CeramTec for single-handle mixers offers an excellent comfort zone and protects against scalding. triduon® thermo is ideal for household use – even for homes with solar thermal systems – and a perfect solution for both spa & wellness and in washroom facilities where scalding protection is required by law such as in preschools, kindergartens and nursing homes.

triduon<sup>®</sup> Standard-Kartuschen

Worth knowing:

triduon® thermo

  • Excellent comfort zone with a 35° angle
  • High sensitivity
  • CeramTec quality – made in Germany
  • High-grade Ceramdisc® ceramic discs
  • Globally certified materials
  • Controlled gap
  • Proven service life
  • High-strength EMS-GRIVORY® plastic
  • Thermal control element
  • Optional: Volume screw and check valves
    (boreholes provided)

triduon® thermo with an excellent Comfort Zone with a 35° Angle

Every single-handle mixer with a triduon® thermo cartridge perfectly regulates water temperature while offering a surprisingly large comfort zone with a 35° angle. The high sensitivity of the system lets you precisely control the water temperature within the comfort zone. This is all thanks to the complex geometry of the Ceramdisc® ceramic discs at the heart of the cartridge. It’s a unique advantage that customers are sure to appreciate at hair salons, spas and, of course, in the shower at home.

Protects yourself and everyone else with a presettable Maximum Temperature

Fittings with a triduon® thermo cartridge offer a very simple, yet effective solution wherever scalding protection is desired or required. This cartridge lets you set a maximum temperature (e.g. 106°F / 41°C or 113°F / 45°C), which the water leaving the outlet does not exceed. It’s an intelligent solution that not only makes sense in the shower and for the bidet, but also in washrooms at preschools, kindergartens and nursing homes to protect these sensitive children and seniors against scalding.

Scalding Protection is important

Kartuschen für die Sanitärtechnik

70 % of all injuries in children under the age of four are caused by burns*. Adults will receive third-degree burns after 31 seconds when the water temperature is 129°F / 54°C; for small children, it only takes ten seconds – and if the water temperature is 140°F / 60°C, one second is enough. What’s the reason behind this? Small children have thinner skin. Scars take longer to form and finish developing, and they stretch more as children grow. With a proportionately larger body surface area than adults, children are also at a disadvantage if the burns are extensive as their body dehydrates faster and loses more heat.

Senior citizens are another risk group because skin becomes thinner and more sensitive with age. Australia and other countries have special legal requirements regarding scalding protection for precisely this reason. In Germany, the DIN 18024 (Part 2) standard stipulates that the maximum water temperature for sanitary fittings in public buildings must not exceed 113°F / 45°C.

*: Papini, Dziewulski: ABC of Burns. BMJ Publishing Group, 2001

Ceramdisc® Ceramic Discs – as hard as Diamond

At the heart of the triduon® thermo cartridge are the nearly diamond-hard Ceramdisc® ceramic discs with CeramTec’s special geometry. Any particulates in the water such as sand, rust or lime are ground between the sliding surfaces without damaging the discs. The ceramic discs effortlessly compensate for temperature and pressure peaks.

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