TOOLEX 2018 – International Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technology

Discover new machining solutions from CeramTec at the Toolex 2018

CeramTec is presenting high-quality cutting materials and tool holding systems for metal machining as well as technical ceramics for forming processes and wear protection at the Toolex in Sosnowiec from October 2nd to 4th. At booth 581 in hall B you can find detailed information.

The product portfolio on display at the international exhibition for metal working will include a new tangential milling cutter as well as a new cutting material for turning. Both new tools are designed for processing cast iron materials.

Thank you very much for your interest in advanced ceramics by CeramTec and your visit to our exhibition booth! Your CeramTec Toolex 2018 team.

TFL-WP tangential milling cutter

The TFL-WP tangential milling cutter was developed for milling 90° shoulders at any height. The arrangement of its cutting blades and its cutting geometry significantly reduces cutting pressure.

Tangentialfräser TFL-WP

Design advantages for practical application

  • Six cutting edges with double positive geometry
  • Low radial pressure and reduced cutting forces thanks to the highly positive cutting geometry
  • Machining of exact 90° shoulders
  • High process reliability thanks to the largest possible cross section of the ceramic inserts
  • A cutting geometry that produces a good surface quality with an Ra value of 6.3 µm
  • The tangential positioning and resulting optimal cutting edge spacing of the milling system ensure a longer service life and increased feed rate

Where Can…

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Technical Ceramics Manual

The chapters of this manual include an overview of materials, manufacturing processes, ceramic-oriented component design and examples for applications.

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Ceramic Materials

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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