SPK® Precision Tools for Milling

PFL-SP Milling Cutters for Fragile and Thin-walled Workpieces

PFL-SP series milling cutters can machine even fragile and thin-walled workpieces with optimum results thanks to the positive, square cutters.

CeramTec PFL-SP

Milling cutters from CeramTec’s PFL-SP series are available with 88°, 75° and 45° setting angles. They produce lower axial forces for minimized edge chipping and burr formation. PFL-SP milling cutters enable cutting depths up to 6 mm and a maximum feed rate of up to 0.3 mm per tooth in gray cast iron and ductile cast iron materials.

PFL-SP Performance Data
Material Gray cast iron, ductile cast iron
Types of machining Milling
Cutting materials - silicon nitride ceramics
- coated versions
Component situation Stable Thin-walled Instable
Machining 0.5 Ra 6.3 Ra 12.5 Ra

Rough machining, finishing

Cutting data recommendations fz max = 0.30 mm
KSS With KSS + Without KSS

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