SPK® Precision Tools for Turning

IKS-PRO Clamping System for Turning

The excellent stability of CeramTec’s IKS-PRO clamping system enables the use of higher cutting data with a larger chip cross section compared to conventional clamping systems.

IKS-PRO clamping system

CeramTec 'Easy-Change' Technology

The IKS-PRO clamping system is equipped with CeramTec’s “Easy Change” technology for easy conversion of the clamping system.

Worth knowing:

IKS-PRO Clamping System Advantages

  • Unique double notch design: double-sided notch type clamping even for insert thicknesses of 4.76 mm
  • Optimum introduction and distribution of the clamping force
  • Form-fit and force-fit clamping for maximum clamping security
  • Secure insert seating and maximum process reliability
  • Cutting materials: silicon nitride ceramics and CBN (cubic boron nitride)
  • “Easy Change” technology for easy conversion

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