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Parcel Packing for a Good Cause

CeramTec Supports the “Christmas in a Shoebox” Charity Campaign


Employee representatives Monika Träger, Alexander Seidel, and Andreas Höpfl from the Marktredwitz location
with their symbolic shoeboxes

“A shoebox isn’t just a present. Behind it is the wonderful intention of the person who packed it, who wants to make a child happy.” That is just one of the voices of those involved in the Christian “Christmas in a Shoebox” initiative, part of the worldwide present-giving campaign for children in need called Operation Christmas Child.

Children from Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, The Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine are to receive presents. Donators from all across Germany pack them a Christmas parcel in a shoebox: with school notebooks, warm clothes, toys, candy, and much more. What to us are totally normal everyday items are invaluable for many children in need, because their families can rarely afford such items themselves. The parcels are labelled according to the age and gender of the recipient child and dropped off at collection points or sent to the campaign headquarters. From there, they make the long journey to our easterly neighbors, where they light up children’s eyes.

CeramTec employees from Marktredwitz didn’t want to miss out on this great campaign and the chance to put some smiles on the faces of children in need. What’s more, thanks to the initiative of some employee representatives at the Marktredwitz location, it wasn’t just personnel on site that received the call to donate; the executive board also expressed its desire to help and supported the campaign with a donation of 1000 euros. After all, as well as gifts in kind, financial resources are needed to ship the parcels: each little “treasure chest” costs around eight euros to handle and ship.

The response among the CeramTec employees in the Fichtel mountains was very positive: together they packed more than 50 parcels to contribute to the total number of 406,563 shoeboxes sent by German-speaking countries for the current campaign.