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Education Partnership Established with the General Lower Secondary School in Plochingen

CeramTec Inspires Students to Pursue Technical Careers

Plochingen, 2016-11-04

Konstanze Grusa and Inge Clever sign the contract, framed by Sammy Frey, Albrecht Baumann, trainers from the training facility, Ralf Litschke, IHK, and secondary school teachers Mr. Schur and Thomas Frank (from left)

On October 12, the ceramic experts from CeramTec made the education partnership with the general lower secondary school in Plochingen official. The goal of this partnership is to broaden young peoples’ understanding of technical careers and guide them in making decisions regarding their post-secondary education. This agreement is the third education partnership for CeramTec.

“Make a positive impact.”

Ralf Litschke, Representative of the IHK

Konstanze Grusa, Training Director at CeramTec, and Inge Clever, the school’s principal, signed a joint contract for the education partnership. The education partnership program was initiated by the Esslingen Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and has been active for seven years. There are currently around 230 such programs registered with the IHK. Ralf Litschke, the representative of the IHK who was present when the contract was signed, wished the partners success by telling them to “make a positive impact.” CeramTec has already been an active participant since April 2011 in education partnerships with Burgschule in Plochingen and the general lower secondary school in Reichenbach.

Inspiration Technology for Girls

“The goal of the education partnership is to provide students insight into the fields and professional practices of the technical careers that we offer.”

Albrecht Baumann, Head of the Training Facility

“We would particularly like to encourage girls who are interested in completing training in technical fields,” Albrecht Baumann, head of the training facility, explains. After all, the cliché of an industrial mechanic as someone with dirty hands working on items on a vise is a thing of the past. Programming and tablets to control and monitor machines as well as comprehensive understanding of technology ranging from electronics to pneumatics have been a part of our day-to-day work for some time now. The company, headquartered in Plochingen, also offers the “Girls@mechanics” day especially for girls for this very reason. This day is intended for girls in the 6th grade. They spend two school hours at the training facilities at CeramTec to manufacture a unique bracelet.

A Winning Team

“Education partnerships significantly increase the number of girls who sign up for STEM subjects.”

Ingrid Clever, School’s Principal of the
General Lower Secondary School Plochingen

Education partnerships give young people a basis for making decisions that will support them in selecting post-secondary education. CeramTec opens the metal shop to eighth graders and also offers them a career orientation workshop. Ninth graders have the opportunity to visit a training evening. In this way, students are subsequently able to make a decision that they can feel good about. Ultimately, both the school and the company benefit equally from this collaboration. “Education partnerships significantly increase the number of girls who sign up for STEM subjects,” Ingrid Clever confirms. CeramTec can also clearly trace the success. “Since the start of our involvement in this area, we have had at least one girl participating in a technical training position with each new class of trainees,” Albrecht Baumann explains.