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CeramTec wins the DeutscherIdeenPreis in two categories

CeramTec convinces with innovation and sustainability

Plochingen, 2016-06-06

At the award ceremony: Gabriele Wehler, Management of DIB,
and Thomas Gottmann, Head of CeramTec’s Idea Management

Double win for CeramTec. For the second time in a row, the company was awarded 1st place in the DeutscherIdeenPreis (German Ideas Prize) for Best Idea Management in the category “Chemicals Industry”. The award honors the high performance capability of CeramTec’s internal suggestion and improvement processes. The special prize for the “Best International Idea” was also presented to the ceramic experts. This prize was awarded for the development of a sustainable, efficient solution for the loading of shipping containers.

This company ranking prize is awarded annually by the German Institute for Business Administration (DIB), a subsidiary of the inspection company DEKRA. Receiving recognition as the winner of the German Ideas Prize in the Chemicals Industry category is a result of the implementation rate in the company’s Idea Management and Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). Within this context, this award is also the result of well above-average savings per employee, as well as the company’s excellent figures for its implementation and employee participation rate.

A sustainable solution for loading shipping containers

Thomas Gottmann, Head of CeramTec’s Idea Management, and Daniela Stingl as the representative of all idea submitters for the best international idea

CeramTec was also awarded the special prize for the “Best International Idea” as recognition for the development of an optimal way to utilize the space inside a shipping container for non-stackable goods. In conjunction with the external transport and logistics company PANALPINA, CeramTec realized the loading of non-stackable palettes in containers on two floors by installing a single-use intermediate floor. This allows for palettes to be stacked on two levels with no additional costs for the return transport or storage of the intermediate floor. Ecological added value is achieved through the optimal use of container space, which means that significantly fewer containers must be shipped. This will lighten the load placed on the infrastructure – both by sea and by road – as well as the environment. It will cut down traffic and save fuel, reducing the resulting emissions of harmful gases and particulate pollutants.

The jury on the reasoning behind the German Ideas Prize said, “The economic and ecological benefits of this idea are transnational and offer high potential for international adaptation. The idea is further proof that well-suited partnerships in ideas and innovation management lead to successful and sustainable solutions.”

The prize, first awarded in 2011, is committed to the principles of innovation, creativity, and responsibility. It is awarded annually in different categories. The independent, esteemed jury is made up of prominent managers in the fields of economics, politics, and science.