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Girls’ Day in the world of advanced ceramics

Girls’ Day at CeramTec

Plochingen / Marktredwitz, 2016-05-20


Girls'Day is the motto behind the special day that celebrates girls’ futures, the largest career orientation project for young female pupils worldwide. On this special day companies, universities and research institutes open their doors for girls from the fifth grade and up.

Girls’Day in Plochingen

This year’s 15th Girls’ Day featured nearly 9,600 offers from companies and organizations involved in science and technology. The CeramTec Plochingen and Marktredwitz sites also opened their doors to offer 18 of the 100,000 girls who participated in the event nationwide insight into the world of advanced ceramics and information about training occupations with the ceramic experts.

Girls’Day in Marktredwitz

Together with the trainees at CeramTec the girls were able to file, bore, bend and stamp parts at the workbenches in the Plochingen training workshop and take a bracelet that they produced themselves home with them as a souvenir. Things were similarly pragmatic at the Marktredwitz site. The girls had a chance to make pen holders and a game while learning how to operate the different machines. The Girls’ Day group was very excited and enthusiastic. At the end of the day, some of the girls even showed interest in starting an apprenticeship or technical training program at CeramTec.

The next Girls' Day will take place on April 27, 2017.