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Award for outstanding achievements in the field of biotechnology

The 2015 BIOLOX® School Award

Plochingen, 2015-07-13

The award-winner of the 2015 BIOLOX® Award at the Käthe-Kollwitz School in Esslingen, Germany is Sarah Decker. Ms. Decker was recognized with the CeramTec Group EUR 250 BIOLOX® Award for her outstanding achievements in the field of biotechnology.

Dr. Roman Preuss, Vice President R&D/Regulatory Affairs for CeramTec's Medical Products Division, presented Ms. Decker with the certificate and prize money at the graduation ceremony.

In his speech, Dr. Preuss noted that BIOLOX® advanced ceramics have set standards in orthopedics for over four decades and are constantly being enhanced and improved for use in countless new applications. During the development of these new products and technologies, CeramTec relied upon young, creative, and motivated skilled workers who are passionate about medical applications and biotechnology.

With the Käthe-Kollwitz School BIOLOX® Award, CeramTec would like to give these specialists of the future an additional incentive to gain in-depth knowledge about biological and technological assignments.