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Another donation to a charity organization

CeramTec supports Christmas Charity "Weihnachtshilfswerk” in Lauf

Lauf, 2014-01-09

Before the Christmas holidays CeramTec in Lauf has handed over a further donation to a special charity: EUR 2,000 to support the “Weihnachtshilfswerk” Christmas charity in Lauf. Weih­nachts­hilfs­werk was established in 1946 to support citizens of the city of Lauf who are experiencing hardship through no fault of their own. Over the years, the donations have helped provide needed assistance to hundreds of families, children and elderly citizens.

CeramTec has a tradition of supporting regional charities. Past activities in 2013 included supporting the Lauf Children’s Fund, for example. “We wanted to continue this tradition and decided to make a further donation to a charitable organization. And we think the Weihnachtshilfswerk Christmas charity in Lauf is the perfect recipient,” says HR Manager Ruth Librandi. “Weihnachtshilfswerk does important work to help people in need,” adds Jürgen Haas, Works Council Chairman in Lauf, at the presentation of the donation.