CeramTec subsidiary Emil-Müller

The Experts for Salt Cores used in Piston Manufacturing and other Casting Components

Established in 1921 as a metal packaging manufacturer, Emil Müller GmbH began manufacturing stamping and bending parts, garnering the company a permanent position the automotive industry in the years thereafter. The company headquarters in Wilhermsdorf has been manufacturing salt cores exclusively for piston manufacturing for over 25 years now along with other casting components such as engine blocks and oil pans.

The company’s specialist expertise helped it reach new markets around the globe and establish subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil and Poland. Emil Müller GmbH has been a 100% subsidiary of the CeramTec Group since 2007. With 120 employees, it is one of the largest employers in the region.

Foundry cores, also known as salt cores, are used in foundry technology to manufacture casting components as placeholders for cavities in casting molds. The metallic smelt forms an impression of the component shape and the salt core is flushed out once the component has cooled off. The lost mold technique is applied to the process, forming cavities in metal components. Compared to sand cores, which are commonly used in foundries, salt cores have the advantage that they are guaranteed to be absolutely residue-free. This increases process safety in manufacturing and the quality of the cast component.

Products from CeramTec subsidiary Emil-Müller

Salt cores used in piston manufacturing and other casting components

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