SPK® Precision Tools

Tools and Tool Carrier Systems for SPK® Cutting Materials

CeramTec’s coordinated, high-performance tools and tool carrier systems for various metal machining techniques are a key component of optimized cutting processes focused on efficiency and performance.

CeramTec offers a wide range of tools and tool carrier systems for a broad spectrum of machining processes and different performance requirements for precise and economic turning, hard turning, grooving, milling and boring with inserts made from SPK® cutting materials.

SPK® Precision Tools

Hard Turning

CeramTec’s tool system for hard turning is equipped with the innovative IKS-PRO Mini notch type clamping system.

SPK® Precision Tools


Tool systems for turning with the IKS-PRO clamping system and “Easy Change” technology.

SPK® Precision Tools


Tool systems for grooving. In RAG design also for lateral movement.

SPK® Precision Tools


Milling cutters and milling tools for face and shoulder milling.

SPK® Precision Tools


Boring tools with fixed insert seatings and cassettes.

SPK® Precision Tools

Roll Machining

Tool systems for machining rolls.

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