WXM 355

WXM 355

Regardless of the operation, WXM 355 is the right choice. The balance of toughness and wear resistance makes this grade ideal for case-hardened steel; the tool life window is also extended by up to 50%. The solid version allows for reliable preturning and executing drawn cuts.

WXM 355 Performance Data
Material Hardened steel, sintered metal, hard materials
Types of machining External Machining/External Turning Internal Machining/Internal Turning
Cutting conditions Continuous Cut Continuous Cut Continuous Cut Interrupted Cut
Tool entry conditions Excellent Tool Entry Conditions Acceptable Tool Entry Conditions Acceptable Tool Entry Conditions Unfavorable Tool Entry Conditions
Machining 0.4 Ra 0.8 Ra

Fine finishing, finishing

Cutting data recommendations turning Solid indexable inserts:
vc = 140 – 200 m/min
f = 0.2 – 0.35 mm
ap => 0.1 mm
Multi-tipped indexable inserts:
f = 0.1 – 0.25 mm
KSS With KSS + Without KSS

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