SL 606

SL 606

SL 606 is the general purpose SiAlON cutting material for turning with a range of applications from finishing to semi-rough turning with medium chip cross sections. With its excellent wear resistance it ensures high dimensional stability. What’s more, the cutting material is equipped with IKS-PRO notch type clamping for maximum clamping security.

SL 606 Performance Data IKS-PRO
Material Gray cast iron
Types of machining External Machining/External Turning Internal Machining/Internal Turning
Cutting conditions Continuous Cut Continuous Cut Continuous Cut Interrupted Cut
Tool entry conditions Excellent Tool Entry Conditions Acceptable Tool Entry Conditions Acceptable Tool Entry Conditions Unfavorable Tool Entry Conditions
Machining 1.6 Ra 3.2 Ra 12.5 Ra

Finishing to semi-rough machining

Cutting data recommendations vc = 500 – 1,500 m/min
f = 0.15 – 0.5 mm
ap = 0.5 – 5.0 mm
KSS With KSS + Without KSS

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