The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Jointing, Cutting and Surfacing

Technical Ceramics for Your Welding Process

From September 25 to 29, CeramTec will be presenting a diverse range of advanced ceramic solutions for your welding process at the SCHWEISSEN+SCHNEIDEN trade fair in Düsseldorf. You will find us in Hall 13, Stand 13E51.

The world-leading SCHWEISSEN+SCHNEIDEN trade fair for jointing, cutting and surfacing technology takes place every four years. Over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries will be presenting an impressive array of systems and materials for welding and cutting as well as for thermal and heat treatment processes. In 2013, the fair brought more than 50,000 specialists from 130 countries to Essen. This year, the fair will take place in Düsseldorf as an exception due to modernization works.

Thank you very much for your interest in advanced ceramics by CeramTec and your visit to our exhibition booth! Your CeramTec SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN team.

Ceramic Tools for the Welding Process

CeramTec has developed the ideal silicon nitride ceramic for use in the welding process. The outcome: welding process components featuring remarkable hardness and wear resistance, and very high temperature and chemical resistance. They vastly extend service life, reduce overall retooling times, extend machine running times and enhance end-product quality.

Welding rollers

Welding rollers for a secure longitudinal welding seam with a service life 20 to 30 times greater than that of steel rollers.

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Welding pins

Centering standard molds for projection welding with five times the service life of zirconium oxide.

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Gas nozzles

Ceramic gas nozzles for low-maintenance and precise MIG/MAG welding.

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Can even withstand Shock: Silicon Nitride Si3N4

Silicon nitride is the ideal ceramic material for the extreme requirements of your welding process. Silicon nitrides boast an excellent combination of material properties. They are nearly as light as silicon carbide, but their microstructure gives them excellent thermal shock resistance and their high fracture toughness makes them resistant to impacts and shocks.

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Their advantages at a glance:

Si3N4 ceramics for use in the welding process

  • Extreme hardness and flexural strength
  • High thermal shock resistance and
    temperature resistance
  • Superior electrical insulation
  • Reduced cold welding and no welding
    spatter adhesion
  • High tensile strength and compressive strength

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  • September 25 to 29, 2017
  • Messe Düsseldorf
  • Halle 13, Stand 13E51

Find CeramTec’s solutions for your welding process
in hall 13, stand 13E51

Hall plan of the Messe Düsseldorf

Where Can…

…Advanced Ceramics Be Found? Our new brochure about ceramics in our world answers the question where technical ceramics deliver peak performance every day.

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Technical Ceramics Manual

The chapters of this manual include an overview of materials, manufacturing processes, ceramic-oriented component design and examples for applications.

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Ceramic Materials

Technical ceramics are advanced ceramic materials that make those applications possible today and tomorrow that were thought to be nearly impossible just yesterday.

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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