Cartridge test center

Research and Development for the Sanitary Industry

Its state-of-the-art test center in Wittlich allows CeramTec to satisfy the stringent demands of the sanitary industry.


With its own area for research, development and design and the newly erected test center, CeramTec offers sanitary fitting manufacturers a wide range of testing options to thoroughly analyze the performance of its cartridge systems in real operating conditions. CeramTec’s own triduon® cartridge systems undergo the toughest testing here, too. The center tests the broad range of single-handle mixers, two-handle faucets and diverters.

Test Center Testing Options

  • Hydraulic test rig with pressure peaks up to 200 bar
  • Service life test rig with 6-axis robots
  • Noise development and acoustics test rig  according to DIN EN 3822
  • Tribology test rig for ceramic seal discs

Cartridge Test Center Additional Services

  • EDX electron microscopy
  • Surface analysis and image analysis using optical microscopy
  • Chemical analysis
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Laser interferometer flatness measurement

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