Sanitary fitting cartridges

Efficient Ceramic Solutions for long-life Sanitary Fittings

The cartridge is the heart of every sanitary fitting. CeramTec offers efficient cartridge systems with ceramics and additional high-grade materials.

The acquisition of cartridge production from Ideal Standard GmbH & Co. OHG in Wittlich in 2006 expanded CeramTec’s decades long manufacturing expertise in ceramic seal and regulator discs to include the development and production of complete cartridge systems for sanitary fittings. The CeramTec site in Wittlich became a competence center for cartridge production with its own research, development and design along with a state-of-the-art test center.

In addition to around 80 different OEM cartridge types manufactured at CeramTec, an independent cartridge system for use in sanitary fittings and mixing units was developed under the name triduon®. Today the triduon®  family comprises both open and closed construction designs with a variety of flow properties and even a version with active thermostatic scalding protection, all of which are available for the single-handle sanitary fitting segment.

All of the cartridges CeramTec manufactures are made in Germany. In addition to the proven Ceramdisc® seal discs, the cartridges also feature high-grade plastic parts and additional, carefully selected components. Function and sealing tightness are thoroughly tested in CeramTec’s own test center. CeramTec’s commitment to quality is underscored by the many international certifications CeramTec cartridge systems have received for use in the supply of drinking water.

triduon® performance

CeramTec OEM-Kartuschen

All triduon® performance cartridges are made from high-strength, high-density materials. At their heart are the nearly diamond-hard Ceramdisc® ceramic seal discs. They are made in Germany and offer a large comfort zone.

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triduon® thermo

triduon<sup>®</sup> Standard-Kartuschen

triduon® thermo is a mixing cartridge with ceramic discs and thermostatic scalding protection for single-handle mixers. A perfect solution for both spa and in washroom facilities where scalding protection is required.

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