Advanced Electro Ceramics

RF Tubular / Shell Capacitor

With a wide choice of materials and extensive applications experience, we are able to offer high performance RF tubular and shell capacitors for industrial and high power applications from broadcast equipment to plasma generators.

Low and medium permittivity CLASS 1 ceramic dielectric materials are selected for characteristics including a high Q factor (low loss), high dielectric breakdown strength, low magnetic susceptibility and good capacitance-temperature stability.

Our RF tubular / shell capacitors feature a central conductor that facilitates passage of the high RF current. This open design makes good use of convection currents to offer high load ratings in a relatively compact unit and the low loss ceramic and noble metal electrodes ensure low self-heating.

Thanks to the unique construction methods that we use, our RF tubular / shell capacitors feature low self-inductance that allows them to be used at higher frequencies. They also show good capacitance-temperature stability (very low NPO / COG) for minimal frequency drift and are proven robust for long operational life.

RF tubular / shell capacitors are ideal for industrial and high power applications including:

  • Radio broadcast transmitters
  • Induction and dielectric heating equipment
  • HF filter, by-pass and coupling and oscillating circuits
  • High power matching tuned circuits
  • Antenna coupling circuits
  • Plasma generators
  • High quality medical imaging systems (MRI)

RF tubular / shell capacitors are available in sizes from 28–110mm body diameter, 88–300mm length and with a wide range of capacitance-voltage combinations and ratings. Aspect ratios can be varied to suit the physical size and shape restrictions of an individual application and bespoke units can be produced to customers’ specifications, including custom metalwork connections and resin-coated options.

For more information on standard or bespoke RF tubular / shell capacitors for your project please contact us today.

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