Advanced Electro Ceramics

RF Disc / Plate Capacitor

We have many years’ experience making RF capacitors for demanding applications. Thanks to our materials expertise and applications know-how our products offer proven reliability and longer operating life.

Our RF disc / plate capacitors are made from selected low and medium permittivity CLASS 1 ceramic dielectric materials chosen for characteristics including a high Q factor (low loss), high dielectric breakdown strength, low magnetic susceptibility and good capacitance-temperature stability.

As a result we are able to offer compact capacitors with higher power ( kVA) ratings, low levels of self-heating and minimal frequency drift. All our products are made using low self-inductance construction, which allows them to be used at higher frequencies, and are proven robust for long operational life.

RF disc / plate capacitors are ideal for industrial and high power applications including:

  • Radio broadcast transmitters
  • Induction and dielectric heating equipment
  • HF filter, by-pass and coupling and oscillating circuits
  • High power matching tuned circuits
  • Antenna coupling circuits
  • Plasma generators
  • High quality medical imaging systems (MRI)

RF disc / plate capacitors are available in disc sizes from 10-225mm diameter, with a wide range of capacitance-voltage combinations and ratings. Bespoke units can also be produced to customer’s specifications, including custom metalwork connections and resin-coated options.

For more information on standard or bespoke RF disc / plate capacitors for your project please contact us today.

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