Products and applications based on technical ceramics

CeramTec Products and Applications
Arranged by Market

A versatile material for a variety of application areas – CeramTec products are used in these areas of application and markets.


CeramTec advanced ceramics play a vital role in increasing safety, cost-effectiveness and comfort in vehicle and automotive engineering.

Electronic Applications

Ceramic substrates, circuit carriers, core materials and many other components are in use throughout the electronics industry.

Energy and Environment

In energy and environmental applications ceramic materials enable low-wear process control, reduce emissions and ensure efficient use of resources.

Equipment and Mechanical Engineering

Wear resistance, temperature insensitivity and corrosion resistance make technical ceramics from CeramTec an alternative to other materials in equipment, mechanical and plant engineering.

Medical Technology

Advanced ceramics provide reliable services for medical engineering devices as well as for orthopaedic components.


BIOLOX® bioceramics are used successfully in orthopedics and help maintain and increase quality of life with implant components for artificial hip joints and knee replacements.

Dental Ceramics

Tooth replacement with biologically harmless implant materials continues to grow in popularity due to the enhanced aesthetic outcome. Accordingly, the demand for suitable alternatives to titanium alloys is increasing. Thanks to the natural coloring and excellent biocompatibility more and more implantologists and patients show a preference for solutions based on ceramic implant materials.