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CeramTec Images for the Press and Media

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ALUNIT®: Aluminum Nitride Electronics Components

CeramCool®: Ceramic Heat-sinks for Led Applications and Power Electronics

CeramCool®: Ceramic Heat-Sinks for LED Arrays

CeramCool®: Ceramic Heat-sinks for Liquid Cooling

CeramCool®: Lights with Ceramic Heat-sinks

CeramCore: Extruded Components for Power Electronics

Product Range from the Electronic Applications Division

PERLUCOR – Transparent Advanced Ceramics

PERLUCOR – Transparent Advanced Ceramics

Ceramic Components for Systems and Mechanical Engineering

Ceramic Components for Textile Machinery

Ceramic Forming Rolls on a Wire Drawing Machine

Ceramic Forming Tools for Metalworking

Components for Wire Drawing and Forming

Components Made from Ziconium Oxide

Dental Ceramics

MMC Metal Ceramic Composite Materials

Silicon Nitride Ceramics for Welding Applications

Silicon Nitride Welding Pins in Use

Special Ceramic Components For Industry

Technical Ceramic Cutters

Components Made from Silicate Ceramics

Sonox®P: Piezo-ceramic Power Transducers and Sensors

BIOLOX®delta Surgeon with Hip Joint Implant

BIOLOX®delta / BIOLOX®forte Hip Joint

BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint

BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint

BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint

BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint

BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint


BIOLOX®delta Hip Joint




BIOLOX®forte Hip Joint

BIOLOX®forte Hip Joint


Ceramdisc®: Ceramic Seal and Regulator Discs

SPK® Cutting Ceramics: CSA

SPK® Cutting Ceramics: Insert Recess

SPK® Cutting Ceramics: Inserts

SPK® Cutting Ceramics: Turning a Brake Disc

SPK® Tools: BFL Milling Cutter

SPK® Tools: Milling Cutter with Cutting Ceramics

SPK® Tools: Milling Cutters and Tools for Turning and Boring

SPK® Tools: Milling System Soft-Cut

SPK® Tools: Monsoon Tool

SPK® Tools: Oxide Ceramic SN 180

SPK® Tools: Precision Tools and Cutting Ceramics

SPK® Tools: Recessing Tool with Cutting Ceramics

SPK® Tools: S3

SPK® Tools: Special Tool for Turning with Cutting Ceramics