Advanced Electro Ceramics

Piezo Igniters and Ignition Capsules

CeramTec designs and manufacturers long-lasting piezoelectric gas ignition products.

Piezo Igniters

We make piezoelectric gas igniters for applications where batteries or mains electricity is not available. The design is based on the impact of a spring-driven hammer on our piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) giving a high voltage spark. Push-button, rotary and squeeze actions are available.

Our piezo igniters have a unique moulded construction that offers the following benefits:

  • Water-resistant
  • Robust/durable
  • Long-life
  • No maintenance

Ignition Capsules

Our ignition capsule is a convenient plastic moulding which incorporates the piezoelectric cylinders and is suitable for assembly into the customer's own impact mechanism.

A convenient plastic moulding incorporating the piezoelectric cylinders suitable for assembly into customer's own impact mechanism.

Piezo Igniters and Ignition Capsules

Choose from a wide range of ignitor styles. Click on the part no° to see a drawing.

Part N° Igniter Style Igniter Code
66111/000 Turn Igniter – Style 15 Flat Igstyle15
60024/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 11 Flat Igstyle11
60061/000 and 60065/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 3 Round Igstyle3r
60066/000 Panel Igniter – Style 3 Flat Igstyle3f
60070/000 and 60072/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 2 Round Igstyle2r
60092/100 Series and 60097/100 Series Panel Igniter – Style 1 Flat Igstyle1f
60070/100 and 60072/100 Series Panel Igniter – Style 1 Round Igstyle1r
60080 Style Panel Igniter – Style 4 Flat Igstyle4
60092/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 2 Flat Igstyle2f
66145 Series Panel Igniter – Style 13 Flat Igstyle13
66200/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 10 Round Igstyle10r
66201/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 10 Flat Igstyle10f
66241/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 7 Flat Igstyle7f
66243/000 Series Panel Igniter – Style 7 Round Igstyle7r
66270/001, 002 and 003 Panel Igniter – Style 5 Round Igstyle5r
66270/004, 005 and 006 Panel Igniter – Style 5 Flat Igstyle5f

We work closely with our customers to meet their specific requirements. To see how we can assist you with your Piezo Igniters and Ignition Capsule projects, contact us.

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With the acquisition of the Electro-Ceramics Division from Morgan Technical Ceramics, CeramTec has broadened its already extensive range of piezo-ceramic materials and products.

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