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Online Panel Discussion on Livestream

Let us elaborate the role of ceramics in both disciplines today and in the foreseeable future. Understand why the material matters for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems.

Orthopedic surgeons and dental implantologists have quite a different history but also a lot in common. If non-invasive therapies fail, surgical intervention is often the last resort. Removal of the damaged tissue and replacement with an implant aims to restore function and to reduce pain.

Although very good results are achieved, both disciplines have to deal with similar complications. The exact cause of these complications remain unclear. However, the implant material plays an important role. Because of their mechanical and biological properties modern ceramics can help to overcome associated complications and to improve clinical outcome.

The question is: Are we about to make the transition to metal free treatment concepts in orthopedics and dentistry?

Join our live virtual discussion “Orthopedics Meets Dentistry”, hosted by CeramTec, and understand the future role of ceramic materials in both disciplines.

The Panel Discussion is presented by

Dr. Dominik Pförringer

Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon at the Munich University Hospital “Rechts der Isar”, DRG specialist and expert in the field of digitalization of health and hospitals.

Our Panelists

Prof. Justin Cobb

Professor of orthopedic surgery at the Imperial College in London and head of the MSk Lab.

Prof. Corrado Piconi

Professor for biomaterials for orthopedic and dental. Ortho­pedics, Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University, and Senior Associate in (ISTEC-CNR), Faenza.

Prof. Jens Fischer

Professor for materials science and engineering for reconstructive dentistry and temporomandibular disorders; University Hospital of Dental Medicine, University of Basel.

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