CeramTec OEM cartridges

Proven Cartridge Systems for renowned Sanitary Fitting Manufacturers

Integrating the cartridge production unit from Ideal Standard Germany in the CeramTec Group expanded CeramTec’s sanitary fitting production portfolio to include complete, ready-to-install cartridge systems.

CeramTec OEM Cartridges

The nearly 80 different large scale production OEM cartridges CeramTec manufactures for single-handle mixers and two-handle mixing units are installed in Ideal Standard’s line of sanitary fittings.

With robust Ceramdisc® Seal and Regulator Discs at the Core

CeramTec also offers this large scale production expertise and experience with a variety of cartridge systems, constructions and application purposes to other sanitary fitting manufacturers who do not want to produce their own cartridges but who value the quality of components made in Germany in the essential sanitary fitting elements they purchase. With around 12 to 26 individual components, all of the parts of a cartridge must fit together perfectly in order for manufacturers to guarantee the optimum reliability and safety of their sanitary fittings.

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