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Ceramic Heat-Sink Provides Innovative Thermal Management

Plochingen, 3rd May 2007

It’s new, simple and extremely reliable. It offers an innovative solution for thermally sensitive components and circuits thanks to its excellent stability and thermal conductivity characteristics and its compact form. CeramCool® is the ideal heat-sink for high-power LEDs. This is just one area where CeramCool® demonstrates its ability to handle even the highest peaks in performance.

Heat-sensitive semi-conductor components are often mounted onto substrates. These substrates need to provide electrical insulation while at the same time ensuring adequate thermal conductivity. The result is often a kind of “sandwich” with multiple layers made from different materials. Each layer poses an additional obstacle to thermal conductivity. CeramCool® transforms the substrate into a heat-sink itself. This makes things much simpler.

The difference between the today’s multilayer construction and the construction of the future, made simpler and smaller by CeramCool®, is readily visible in this high-power LED example:

From a technical standpoint, this offers numerous advantages:

A Heat-Sink that Acts as a Circuit Carrier – Redefining Compactness
CeramCool® can be coated directly with thick or thin film processes such as conventional ceramic substrates. This makes the surface of the heat-sink useable as a circuit carrier while providing reliable electrical insulation.

A high-power LED housing generally has a metallic surface in addition to the electrical connections through which heat dissipates. This surface can now be directly and reliably soldered onto the heat-sink with metallization pads that are bonded directly with the CeramCool® heat-sink. There is no need to settle for compromises such as clamping or gluing the high-power LED.

CeramCool® with different metallization pads

The “Light” Sandwich – Simplification and Minaturization
Until now, many different materials have been used for the overall construction, which simultaneously translates into numerous production steps. CeramCool® makes it possible to simplify this process by loading the heat-sink, which is printed with circuits, in much the same way as a circuit board and restoring it to a functioning overall construction in a reflow process. The process can be even further simplified by bonding the chip directly onto the specially designed CeramCool® metallic surface. Chip on heat-sink! Compact and simple.

Proven Expertise
CeramCool® can be enhanced with proven techniques such as thin and thick-layer technology. No new production methods or technologies are required. This allows you to implement qualified processes and materials proven through decades of use in high-tech applications in the area of power electronics or in the aviation and automotive industry. When mounted properly, ceramics are exceptionally stable and mechanically robust.

Excellent Thermal Management – Long Life
CeramCool® is made from proven ceramic materials such as Rubalit 708®, Rubalit 710® or Alunit®. These materials have a thermal expansion coefficient that is adapted to semi-conductor materials, they possess excellent electrical characteristics and are at the same time corrosion-resistant. The simplified construction (without glues, insulation layers, etc.) combined with a direct and permanent bond between the high-power LED and CeramCool® create ideal operating conditions for the entire assembly. Put simply: What isn’t there won’t wear out and materials that expand in proportion to each other won’t separate. The result is excellent long-term stability, secure thermal management and exceptional reliability. Component life increases.

Entirely According to Your Needs – Twice as Much Freedom of Design.
CeramTec is one of the leading global manufacturers of high-performance ceramics and a renowned supplier for the electonics and automotive industries, among others. The comprehensive materials portfolio makes it possible to manufacture a number of customized products. Naturally CeramCool® is available with or without metallizations.

One of the most important features of CeramCool® is its ability to offer twice as much freedom of design. The heat-sink can be manufactured according to customer specifications. This makes it possible to produce completely individual forms. There are even more ways to achieve new designs. This is because the simplified construction, the ability to use the heat-sink as a circuit carrier and the exceptional thermal management characteristics make it possible to achieve a high level of miniaturization. This is the perfect basis for obtaining a distinct competitive advantage.

CeramCool® in different construction and metallization forms

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