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World Premiere: CeramTec Presents Extruded Aluminum Nitride

CeramCool® Made from
Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Cools 75W / cm²

CeramCool<sup>®</sup> aus Aluminiumnitrid-Keramik kühlt 75W / cm²
CeramCool® Liquid Cooling is now available from extruded Alunit – a breakthrough in produc-tion engineering. While Rubalit dissipates 290W on 120mm, Alunit can cool 640W.

CeramCool® Liquid Cooling made from the aluminum nitride ceramic Alunit cools packing densities of up to 75W / cm². Until now the elongated, rod-shaped heat-sink has only been manufactured using the alumina material Rubalit (≥22W/mK); extrud-ing linear shapes was not possible with the more thermally conductive aluminum nitride ceramic material Alunit (≥200 W/mK). Now CeramTec has developed an alu-minum nitride that makes series extrusion possible, enabling the production of linear cavities, which double cooling capacity compared to Al2O3. For example, CeramCool® Liquid Cooling using the alumina ceramic Rubalit cools 290W on 120mm; with Alunit, it is an impressive 640W on the same construction. No other design can achieve this and still assure such a long lifetime. The new geometry features three cooling channels to provide a homogeneous LED temperature.

The ceramic heat-sink is perfectly electrically insulating, inert and resistant to salt, acids and lye. This allows the trouble-free use of more than just standard coolants. On all sides of the heat sink, electrical circuits can be directly metallized and popu-lated with advanced components without creating any thermal barriers. The minia-turization of a heat-sink with a high packing density and an extreme performance range makes Alunit both thermally necessary and economically viable.