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Transparent Ceramic from CeramTec for Inground Lights

As Clear as Glass: PERLUCOR® Protects SLV Lights



Light manufacturer SLV cooperates with CeramTec: the glass of DASAR® PREMIUM inground fittings are equipped with a PERLUCOR® cover. This transparent, extremely hard, and scratch-resistant ceramic material protects the lights against extreme external influences due to weather-related, mechanical, chemical, or thermal stress. CeramTec presents the versatility of PERLUCOR® as a material for light installations as well as for the protection of glass stairs and floor glass in Hall 4.0 Stand C10 at Light & Building from 18 to 23 March in Frankfurt

A inground fitting
from the DASAR® PREMIUM series

Aesthetics and functionality often go hand in hand in architecture. The products and materials used in this field must meet many requirements. For instance, inground lights for outdoor use are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round. They are subject to high mechanical stress but should still be long lasting and reliable in function. For this reason, the light manufacturer SLV is looking to the expertise of the ceramic experts at CeramTec for their new DASAR® PREMIUM product series. The glass cover of this series is fitted with a transparent PERLUCOR® layer. The material does not just stand up to scrutiny on a technical level, it also aesthetically matches conventional glass in any way. The material lends itself perfectly to designs such as this light series without any compromises or limitations. The transparent ceramic is a functional addition to the 316L-type stainless steel light body, which features a reduced design. At the same time, it also lives up to the design's aesthetic requirements.

The Ideal Material for Long-Lasting Surface Protection


PERLUCOR® possesses a particular brilliance and features enormous strength, and scratch resistance: the ceramic surpasses the reference values of glass by three to four times. What's more, the material satisfies the high aesthetic standards prevalent in the design and architecture industry.

The glazing of conventional lights quickly becomes scratched when subject to daily use. Light intensity and aesthetics suffer as a result. Thanks to PERLUCOR®, the DASAR® PREMIUM inground fittings are excellently protected against external influences such as sand, gravel and stones, snow, ice, road salt, and other gritting materials. The transparent ceramic is also extremely resistant against chemical influences. PERLUCOR®'s high robustness and scratch resistance means that the transparency of the glass can be assured on a long term basis. Even minus temperatures and extreme heat have no adverse effects on PERLUCOR®. This means that the inground lights are very well suited for high traffic areas such as pedestrian zones. The light series is especially tread-resistant and is distinguished by its ability to withstand weights of two tons. The manufacturer SLV offers its customers a five-year warranty on the DASAR® PREMIUM series.

High Aesthetic Standards – With No Compromises

The remarkable chemical, thermal, and aesthetic properties of this transparent ceramic enable a range of design possibilities in architectural contexts. PERLUCOR® is an attractive alternative to conventional glasses as well as special and protective glasses. For instance, applications which until now relied on sapphire glass can also be realized with PERLUCOR®. Resistant to high temperatures, the material is also suitable for applications in the outdoors where it is permanently exposed to high levels of sunshine or extremely cold winter temperatures. PERLUCOR® represents the coalescence of high-quality, innovative design and robust everyday functionality. The material lends itself superbly to the realization of expansive transparent surfaces such as glass stairs, walk-on windows, skylights, and glass flooring. For these applications, it is used as a protective laminate for the glass, guaranteeing long-lasting transparency. PERLUCOR® is, however, also suitable as a complete alternative to glass, meaning that it can be used in certain applications monolithically as opposed to as a laminate.

You can find more information about the DASAR® PREMIUM series at:

CeramTec will be at Light & Building from 18 to 23 March: you will find the company in Hall 4.0, Booth C10.