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German Company Equips Ski Jumping Hills at Olympic Games

2018 Olympics with Technical Ceramics from CeramTec



When ski jumping starts at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea on February 10, 2018, CeramTec will be right there: The company has equipped the ski jumping hills for the XXIII Winter Olympic Games with its ceramic inrun track system ALOSLIDE® ICE. The system was developed and produced by subsidiary CeramTec-ETEC in Lohmar. It provides perfect jumping conditions all year, no matter the weather.

The XXIII Winter Olympic Games take place in Pyeongchang from February 9–25, 2018. Athletes from 82 countries will take part. The best of the best will be chosen in 102 competitions and 15 disciplines. And the ski jumpers are part of this group. They will compete at the Alpensia Jumping Park.

The Best Conditions for the World's Ski Jumpers Elite

Project manager Eddi Kropp finalizing the track

The ski jumping center was built in 2009. Five artificial jumping hills are waiting for the athletes with the Normal Hill (90 meters) and the Large Hill (120 meters) being used for the Olympic Games. Both tracks are equipped with the ALOSLIDE® ICE technology from CeramTec. Thanks to this inrun track system, the athletes will always have the best conditions to jump, no matter the weather. This technology allows ski jumping events to take place year-round in practically identical conditions.

The one-track inrun system is made out of ceramic nubs that are arranged in a scientifically tested design. A cooling unit is integrated into the system. It creates a stable layer of ice that is 20 mm thick throughout the ski jumping season. This layer is made from the humidity on the heavily cooled down track. There is no need for additional ice or snow. An integrated milling cutter and brushes prepare the ice and regulate its thickness. The system can be switched easily from summer to winter operation or vice versa. No layer of ice is formed in the summer: The jumpers glide down the take-off ramp right on the ceramic nubs.

A Proven System with International Recognition

The CeramTec team after a successful job

ALOSLIDE® ICE has already proven itself internationally at many competitions, including the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin and the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The inrun track system also provides ideal jumping conditions for the Four Hills Tournament at the facilities in Oberstdorf, Germany and Bischofshofen, Austria. The Olympic competitions in Pyeongchang will start on the Normal Hill with the Men's and Women's Individual Jumps on February 10 and 12. The Men's Large Hill Individual Jump comes next on February 17. Two days later, the grand finale will take place at the same location, the Men's Team Jump.