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Stifterverband seal of approval

CeramTec recognized for innovative research

CeramTec Group, 2016-07-01


CeramTec GmbH receives the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval from German science and technology foundation Stifterverband. The foundation evaluated the company’s in-house efforts along with budget planning for research and development. Further key indicators include HR R&D, the regional distribution of the company’s research facilities and its performance.

There are 3.5 million businesses in Germany according to Stifterverband. However, less than one percent of these companies engage in research – even though this tiny number has a huge impact: After all, only companies that research can discover new ideas and spur innovation and growth. Research companies play an active role in shaping the country’s future. CeramTec’s commitment to R&D has now been officially recognized by German science and technology foundation Stifterverband’s prestigious “Innovative through Research” seal of approval.

Stifterverband’s research statistics compile the annual figures for research and development in companies and collective research institutions in Germany. The R&D data collected is a decisive factor in the advancement of the German government’s business, innovation and technology policy.

“Being recognized with the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval shows once again the consistent, sustainable path we have embarked upon through our efforts in research and development.”

Development Dept. Manager Dr. Reinhard Lenk

Stifterverband is one of the largest private promoters of science in Germany. Alongside its commitment to promoting academic talent, excellent colleges and universities and top research, the foundation is also responsible for reviewing and assessing the German research and innovation system. The seal was first awarded in 2014 and remains valid for two years.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has had information about R&D activities in the German business sector collected on its behalf since the mid 1970s. The data-gathering process is part of the official EU collective statistics and is incorporated into national and international reporting systems.