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Oil applicator guides made from new ceramic materials

Material Development for higher Yarn Quality

Plochingen, 2015-11-06

CeramTec has developed a special ceramic material for oil applicator guides that features innovative surface properties and excellent material characteristics. These guides are used in melt spinning in the textile industry where they must meet the highest demands with regard to abrasion and yarn quality.

Producing and processing critical filament yarns such as microfilament and supermicrofilament yarns, critical spun-dyed yarns (spun-dyed black and carbon black) and filament yarns made from additive-containing raw materials (deep matt, CS, antibacterial) places high demands on production, machines and components. The oil applicator guide is a decisive component in the melt spinning process and it is subject to extreme wear.

CeramTec’s new advanced ceramic material IMA87 is specifically designed for this process: Highest purity of the ceramic powder with a density of 3.97 g/cm3 and a very fine structure with a grain size less than 3 microns give the material its very high Vickers hardness of 1900 MPa. The result is excellent resistance to abrasion caused by the additives in the raw materials and thus increased wear resistance and longer component lifetime. This reduces machine downtime and at the same time provides a surface finish that reduces friction and enhances the quality of the yarn.

The oil applicator guides made from the new material will be presented for the first time at the international textile and garment manufacturing technologies trade show ITMA in Milan and can be used in all conventional melt spinning equipment.