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New ceramic material series for dental blanks

Translucent Dental Restorations made from Zirconium Oxide Shine

Plochingen, 2015-03-02

High translucency along with brilliant, natural colors and customization options are extremely important in the anterior region. Zirconium Oxide Shine from CeramTec – a material developed with optimized translucency – is not only more translucent than previous zirconium oxides but also stronger than the glass ceramics and silicate materials previously used in the anterior region thanks to its flexural strength exceeding 680 megapascals.

With white and six other natural colors, CeramTec offers dental technicians excellent conditions for the best possible results in dental restoration. The new material has passed all necessary biocompatibility tests and meets all of the conditions for market approval. The improved aesthetics combined with the proven properties of zirconium oxide ceramics, as good milling capability, resistance to aging, flexural strength and biocompatibility, make Zirconium Oxide Shine the material of choice for high-grade dental restorations, especially in the anterior region.

In addition to the new material, CeramTec also offers translucent and opaque zirconium high-end oxide blanks in well-proven quality. When sintered, these materials have a flexural strength measuring 1200 megapascals. The blank manufacturing process has been optimized for excellent milling capability. Specified shrinkage properties per blank makes it possible to achieve optimum fitting accuracy.

The pre-colored range has been expanded, with eight different colors available for the translucent material. The Ceramic Experts have succeeded in creating more than just the yellow-brown tones made by adding small amounts of oxides; CeramTec is now able to offer warmer reddish shades and cooler grayish tones as well thanks to the use of rare earths. Developments beyond the eight standard colors are also possible based on customer need.

CeramTec and Zirconium Oxide Shine on Location at the IDS 2015

CeramTec will be attending the 36th International Dental Show (IDS) from March 10–14. The event takes place in Cologne and is the world’s leading dental trade fair. The Ceramic Experts are presenting their product range in Hall 10.2, Stand P032 and will be available to answer all questions on dental ceramics and advanced ceramics.