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Advanced ceramics: Use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Grinding, Mixing and Dispersing with Tools made from wear-resistant Zirconium Oxide


During grinding, mixing and dispersing the substance being processed and machine parts that come in contact with the product will inevitably rub together. This always results in abrasion as a side effect, regardless of the grinding medium. However, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in particular rely on methods that ensure that powders and creams are not contaminated during the grinding and mixing process. CeramTec provides the solution to this problem by replacing grinding and mixing tools made from steel or nickel-containing metals with wear-resistant, yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide. This minimizes abrasion, but does not show up thanks to the pure white color of the material.

“And their cost-effectiveness is one more reason advanced ceramics offer convincing performance. Their low maintenance and repair costs make ceramics the material of choice for machine manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.”

CeramTec offers a broad range of experience in grinding, mixing and dispersing along with the right materials for individualized components with complex geometries and custom designs. Advanced ceramics have proven themselves as a suitable alternative to steel or other nickel-containing metals in machine component manufacturing because of their pure color, and their resistance to corrosion and wear. These aspects are especially important in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry because grinding media abrasion contaminates the final product, thereby resulting in reductions in quality ranging from color all the way to altered product properties. Moreover, the biocompatibility of advanced ceramics prevents allergic reactions that can be caused by metal abrasion. Yet another effect of the material’s high wear resistance: Machine running times are extended and long periods of machine downtime are eliminated. This makes grinding, mixing and dispersing tools made from advanced ceramics more economical than those made from metals, both as part of the overall system and throughout the entire life cycle.