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German TV station Pro7’s Galileo science magazine films segment at CeramTec

Advanced Ceramics and structural Steel in an extreme Stress Test – can both of these Materials withstand a Weight of over 1,000 kg?

Pro7 Galileo reporter Felix von Sassen and his camera team visited CeramTec in Plochingen this September to learn more about advanced ceramics as a material and put it to the test. Identical rods made from advanced ceramics – in this case HIPped yttria-stabilized zirconia – and conventional structural steel were both subjected to a stress of over one metric ton by hanging common sacks used at CeramTec to transport ceramic powders on them.

Did you miss Galileo on Pro7 on October 14, 2013?

You can see how the experiment went yourself and two other ceramics related topics on the Galileo website in this, 14 minutes long video.