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CeramTec machining experts present innovations at EMO:

New SPK® solutions for high-performance machining of workpieces


CeramTec is presenting the latest products and innovations from the SPK® machining solutions line at this year’s EMO Hannover. The event’s motto is “Discover the wide range of solutions”. For the automotive or aviation industries, machine and plant engineering, wind power, transmission, drive or bearing technology – the CeramTec SPK® machining experts offer perfect solutions for high-performance machining of workpieces in a wide range of industry sectors.

Some of the innovations CeramTec will be presenting include new milling systems for high-performance finishing. The SPK® BFL milling system delivers the highest possible feed speeds, enabling pocket, helical and circular milling. Its geometrical design allows a maximum feed rate of up to 0.8 mm per tooth. The SPK® PDK line of millers offers a combination of fixed and adjustable insert seatings. Its variety of setting angles makes it a great finishing cutter for perfect surface quality characteristics. The SPK® PFK series millers were built for highly productive gray cast iron and ductile cast iron rough milling. The wedge clamping for the 12-edged HN inserts enables a cutting depth of up to 5.5 mm. The productivity specialist works with a feed rate of up to 0.3 mm per tooth, thus reducing processing times. Thanks to its 16-edged ON inserts, the SPK® PFL miller makes it economical to work on parts such as transmission housings, engine blocks or machine components. Cutting depths of up to 3.5 mm at speeds of up to 1,200 m per minute make it an all-round talent when it comes to mastering daily rough milling tasks.

Soft and hard steel machining from a single source

SPK® will also be exhibiting the right cutting materials and tool portfolios at the trade fair for pre-turning steel parts followed by hard turning as the final processing step. A wide array of geometries and chip breakers along with many different types of cermets are available for medium soft machining in smooth and slightly intermittent cuts. PcBN cutting materials from the SPK® HD line can then be used for subsequent hard turning tasks. The varied selection of cutting materials features multi-tipped indexible inserts and solid PcBN versions. The solid PcBN inserts from the SPK® HD line offer room for new machining strategies with optimized cut allocation and enable significantly higher cutting values while adhering to the specified quality criteria.

Noticeable productivity boost in engine component machining

Productivity and cost pressure is rising in the aviation industry. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the machining of components made from nickel-based alloys found in engine manufacturing. The new SPK® CSA generation of cutting materials was especially designed to boost productivity by delivering significantly higher cutting values in roughing and precision turning of engine components. When combined with SPK® Monsoon Tool Technology, whose integrated high-pressure cooling was primarily developed for controlled, short chip breaking, CeramTec delivers the aviation industry an ultra-modern tool system to dramatically improve process reliability for machining nickel-based and titanium alloys.

CeramTec will be attending the world’s largest metal machining trade fair, EMO Hannover, from September 16-21, 2013. The SPK® cutting materials and tools experts will be available to answer all of your questions about machining in Hall 3, Stand C25.

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