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CeramTec expands Marktredwitz site

Ceramics Group to invest Euro 80 Million in existing Plant

The current business year for the CeramTec Group begins with a decision to start planning a major expansion of the Marktredwitz plant. An investment volume of around Euro 80 million will flow into the Marktredwitz plant by 2015, creating around 120 new jobs. Investments will be made in new buildings and state-of-the-art production facilities for the advanced ceramics components of the three divisions based in Marktredwitz – Electronic Applications, Medical Products and Chemical Applications.

„Our goal is to meet the increased demand for our products, but also to develop new products and technologies and bring these to market. So there is no way around expanding the site and creating new jobs.“

Managing Director Sigurd Adler

The Electronic Applications Division manufactures various components for the electronics industry such as ceramic PCBs, substrates for passive components and heat-sinks for innovative LED lighting technology. The Chemical Applications Division produces catalyst carriers, components for foundry technology and a range of other products.

The Medical Products Division has been producing components for hip and knee joint replacement systems at the two sites in Plochingen and Marktredwitz for the last 40 years. To date, CeramTec components have helped improve the quality of life of over eight million patients with hip joint problems. CeramTec now manufactures over a million components per year – on average, a ceramic component is implanted in a patient every 30 seconds worldwide. The planned investment in new buildings and production facilities will nearly double the division’s existing manufacturing capacities.

CeramTec currently employs approximately 640 people at the Marktredwitz plant. Another 120 jobs will be added by the end of 2015 when the expansion work is complete. There will also be more spots available for trainees pursuing industrial careers; CeramTec is currently training 39 young adults to ceramic experts at the Marktredwitz site. There are also plans to include an integrated degree program for engineers in the company training program.