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CeramCool® LED Lighting Systems installed at new Plochingen Fire Station

Ceramic Heat-Sink Exterior Lighting
at new Plochingen Fire Station

CeramTec welcomed its new neighbor with a present that the fire department will be able to enjoy for a long time to come: a modern, energy-saving LED lighting system based on the CeramCool® advanced ceramic heat-sink that was developed and produced just for the Plochingen fire department and given to the station as a gift.

Al-together, there are nearly 100 individual lights with around 350 ceramic light modules and 2,800 high-power LEDs. These exterior LED lights are also extremely energy efficient and have a very long life – thanks in great part to their CeramCool® advanced ceramic core. CeramCool® ceramic lights feature a unique cooling and assembly concept that delivers above-average light yield and exceptional reliability. Put simply: The lights generate more light per watt and have a much longer service life than conventional products. This means that, based on the planned annual use, the bulbs in the exterior lighting system won’t need to be replaced for 20 years.

What’s more, at today’s prices, the lights will save roughly € 85,000 in utility costs over their expected useful life of 30,000 hours. And these savings will be much greater as electricity prices continue to rise. This functional and effective system illuminates the entire exterior of the fire station while keeping power consumption to a minimum. But that’s not all: It is also a very attractive solution that combines translucent ceramic with transparent acrylic glass to create a stunning lighting effect.

At the inauguration festivities of the new fire brigade building on september 21st, district administrator Heinz Eininger, state parliament member Karl Zimmermann, minister of the interior of Baden-Württemberg Reinhold Gall were shown the building by the chief of the fire brigade Nico Maurer, accompanied by the CeramTec members of board Rolf-Michale Müller and Sigurd Adler (from right).

For further photos please have a look at this Google+ slideshow.