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Reigning Champion from CeramTec’s Ranks

CeramTec Employee Wins German Championship
in Artistic Cycling

Plochingen, 2017-11-23


Since October 20, CeramTec’s team includes a reigning German champion: 21-year-old Lukas Kayko, who works in manufacturing for special applications in Plochingen, won the championship title in four-person artistic cycling together with his team mates at the German Championship in Hamburg. The team, consisting of Roxanne Ludwig, Vanessa Wörner, Lukas Kayko, and Eva Zimmermann, who train together for RKV Denkendorf 1909 e.V., prevailed against the competition in a thrilling tournament.


Artistic cycling has categories for one-, two-, three-, four-, or six-person groups, who together perform a five-minute choreography of gymnastic and athletic exercises and tricks on a custom indoor bike. The aim is to perform routines with varying levels of difficulty in a way that is as synchronized and technically flawless as possible.

Artistic cycling occupies a niche position in Germany and is seen as a unique sport – one of the reasons why Lukas Kayko has been enthusiastically involved in the sport for 14 years: “Not everyone does it, it is something special.” He taught himself the sport when he was a child and was coincidentally discovered by a trainer at his current club. Since then, he has been training three to four times a week, two hours per session, and currently belongs to the “elite”, the over-18 category. Lukas Kayko and his team mates compete around 10 times a year. A demanding program, because in this grade, 30 exercises are shown in the five-minute time slot. This includes simpler, basic elements such as riding backwards or staying still, static holds (e.g. on the saddle and handlebars), static gymnastic elements (e.g. handstands, planches, balancing) or wheelies (exercises where the front wheel is always off the ground), rotations (e.g. with the front wheel off the ground), all the way through to jumps and vaults (e.g. jumping from the saddle to the handlebars). Judges look for positioning, riding style, performance, and also the difficulty of the exercises performed.

CeramTec would like to congratulate Lukas Kayko and his team mates on winning the championship title and join him in celebrating this sporting achievement!