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CeramTec Presents Solutions for E-Mobility at eMove360°

Fit for the Future with Advanced Ceramics

Plochingen, 2017-10-12


CeramTec is positioning itself as a ideal partner for electromobility at eMove360° from October 17th to 19th in Munich. In hall C3, stand 403 at the international trade fair for Mobility 4.0, CeramTec is showing where ceramic materials are taking on a decisive role in innovative drive concepts. CeramTec’s presentation focuses on the versatility of the ceramic materials.

A comprehensive overview of CeramTec's products in e-mobility in the brochure “eMobility: Pioneering Solutions from High-Performance Ceramics”.

Download the PDF brochure (679 KB).

As a reliable partner to the international automotive industry, CeramTec has comprehensive automotive expertise at its disposal. This experience, which the ceramic experts have acquired over many years, is now actively contributing to the forward propulsion of the e-mobility industry. At this year's eMove360° the company is presenting advanced ceramic components for use in drive concepts such as fuel cells, systems for generating, transmitting, storing, and distributing energy as well as in power electronics and temperature management.

Materials for a Mobile Future

It is especially areas in which traditional materials such as metals and plastics reach their limits where advanced ceramics really prove their strengths. They are distinguished by their mechanical strength and tribological properties, as well as electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity. They are resistant to temperature change, chemicals, and corrosion. On the basis of the wide range of materials and the resulting combinations of properties, the company offers customized solutions for the most varied demands of e-mobility, which range across the entire spectrum of the e-mobility sector including automobiles, electric bikes, electric motorbikes, and other mobility solutions on land, water, and air.

Piezoceramics: Versatile in Application

Tiny ceramic components from CeramTec are already firmly rooted in the automotive industry, unbeknownst to users. Piezoceramic parts generate an electrical charge when mechanically deformed. Conversely, they are also capable of converting electrical signals into mechanical movement or vibration. As a result, they are predestined for sensor and actuator applications, in power transducers, or in intelligent engine management systems, among others. They also play an important role in safety applications such as distance sensors, parking aids, and airbags.

Cooling Solutions for Power Electronics

Just how versatile CeramTec advanced ceramics can be in e-mobility applications is evidenced in an impressive way by CeramCool®. Drives in electric vehicles must be capable of delivering the highest possible electrical power. The challenge here lies in controlling this power on the smallest of spaces –constantly and reliable over long periods of time. The surrounding temperature plays an important role. It is here that the highly efficient CeramCool® air or fluid heat-sinks come into play as they present extremely low thermal resistance during cooling while at the same time possessing electrical insulation. This also makes CeramCool® suitable for use in, for instance, thermal management for batteries, in voltage converters, as well as drive control systems or braking energy recovery.