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Prize for outstanding achievements in biotechnology

Anika Weingart celebrates winning
the BIOLOX® prize 2017

Plochingen, 2017-09-21

BIOLOX® prize winner Anika Weingart with Dr. Roman Preuß from CeramTec

The graduation ceremony of students from Käthe-Kollwitz School in Esslingen at the beginning of July 2017 served as the stage for the presentation of the CeramTec Group's BIOLOX® prize, complete with €250 prize money. This year's winner is student Anika Weingart, 22. She accepted the prize for the school's best biotechnology grade from Dr. Roman Preuß, Head of Development in the Medical Products Division. Alongside the graduates themselves, their parents, friends, relatives, and teachers, guests from the partner school in Maladzyechna, Belarus, gave the ceremony a special atmosphere.

The biotechnological school qualifies young people for entrance into university and places particular importance on independent learning as well as introducing students to scientific methodology. A pronounced interest in the natural sciences is a requisite for this, because, alongside general subjects, a focus is placed on career-related subjects such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, chemistry, physics, and economics.

With the BIOLOX® prize, CeramTec hopes to give interested persons as well as the possible specialists of tomorrow a further incentive to take on roles in the biology and technological sectors and maybe even to become the next generation of motivated, creative talent in our company ranks.