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SPK Seminar® with EMAG China Machinery in China

Tools and Engineering Take Center Stage

Ebersbach, 2016-11-30


SPK® Tools and Technology seminars give insights into the technological contexts and benefits of tools and tool systems which CeramTec offers its customers with ceramic and PCBN cutting materials. EMAG Machine Tools is a global leader in the manufacturing of machine tools for applications with brake discs and hard turned parts. CeramTec has worked closely with EMAG for decades, so both decided to host a technology seminar at the EMAG location in Taicang, China.

Over 70 participants made their way to Taicang, roughly 50 kilometers northwest of Shanghai. Among them were numerous Chinese and international manufacturers from the ranks of automobile suppliers, brake disc manufacturers as well as representatives of Chinese production facilities for companies globally involved with drive and bearing technology.

Along with cutting material topics, the seminar also covered application-specific fundamentals and recommendations of use, from machining technologies to the high-performance turning and milling of cast iron parts and the hard turning of workpieces made from hardened steel. Specific applications were also considered in the contexts of the various industrial sectors, such as in the automobile and commercial vehicle industry, in bearing and drive technology and in general mechanical engineering.

EMAG started off the assortment of technical presentations with a report on the organization of production lines for gear manufacturing. CeramTec followed with presentations on various key topics such as highly efficient hard turning, the high-performance machining of gray cast iron and ductile cast iron workpieces with ceramics and PCBN as well as the machining of brake discs, including the organization of machining sequences and the corresponding machine technology. The concluding talk was held by EMAG on the topic of the integration of various additional manufacturing processes into one lathe. In the breaks between the groups of presentations, the machining techniques “high performance turning” and “hard turning using pull cutting” were demonstrated first hand using the machine tools on site.

The positive reactions from the participants show that the SPK® Seminars met the expectations of the public due to the way in which they link machine and tool technology and offer clear live demonstrations.

The application and tool specific use of SPK® tool systems and cutting materials saves time and costs for each and every manufactured part. The increase in productivity for the customer is achieved in close coordination with the machine tool manufacturer. The SPK Cutting Tools division also offers a wide range of engineering services. These include the determination of the cutting materials and tools, the organization of machining including the cutting data, the definition of special tools through to the planning of the manufacturing sequence and the final implementation of the machining technology on the machine itself. All over the world!