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Recognition for Service in the Development of German Orthopedics

Heinrich Wecker Presented with the
Hohmann Award

Plochingen, 2016-11-18


Heinrich Wecker, from the CeramTec division Medical Products, was presented the Georg Hohmann Award for his accomplishments in quality assurance of arthroplasty. Since 1982, the German Society for Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Surgery (DGOOC) has presented this award to people who have distinguished themselves in the development of German orthopedics.

On October 24, 2016, Heinrich Wecker was honored with the Georg Hohmann Award for his outstanding achievements in the development of German orthopedics as part of the German Congress for Orthopedics and Emergency Surgery (DKOU) by Prof. Heiko Reichek, President of the DGOOC and Prof. Bernd Kladny, General Secretary of the DKOU.

The Georg Hohmann Award is awarded to non-doctors and people outside the field of science who have also made extraordinary contributions to the development of German orthopedics. Heinrich Wecker has worked at CeramTec since 2002. During his nearly 15 years at CeramTec, he has held various positions in Sales, Marketing and Development for ceramic components in the arthroplasty department in the medical engineering division. Today, CeramTec is the leading company worldwide for ceramic ball heads and cup inserts for hip replacement systems. In addition, Heinrich Wecker has provided valuable services for arthroplasty in various public positions. He was Deputy Speaker for the Executive Committee of the German Arthroplasty Register (EPRD) for three years and Deputy Speaker of the Arthroplasty – Implants Division (FBEI) of the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed). He also held the same post for three years on the Industry Advisory Board of AE – the German Society for Arthroplasty.