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Two decades of success with roots going back over 100 years

CeramTec Celebrates Its 20-year Anniversary

CeramTec Group, 2016-09-23


On September 19, 1996, the two high-performance ceramics manufacturers, Hoechst CeramTec AG and Cerasiv GmbH, merged. The newly formed company was given the name CeramTec AG, which celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year; reason enough to revisit the past, which embraces an industrial history of more than 100 years.

The founding of CeramTec dates back to 1903, when the Thomas factories (Thomaswerke) came into being, to be taken over in 1908 by Philipp Rosenthal & Co. AG. In 1921, they began cooperating with AEG in the development of technical porcelain. The two companies intensified this partnership in the area of technical ceramics in 1936, leading to the foundation of Rosenthal Isolatoren GmbH, (“RIG”).

The site in Lauf an der Pegnitz has its roots in STEMAG AG (Steatit-Magnesia Aktiengesellschaft), founded in 1921. Following an initial incorporation into AEG in 1970, the company merged into Rosenthal Stemag Technische Keramik GmbH in 1971 as part of the reorganization of the partnership between Rosenthal and AEG. This company was renamed Rosenthal Technik AG in 1974. In 1985 Hoechst AG acquired the company and from that point on operated it under the name Hoechst CeramTec AG.

Südplastik Gummi- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH began operations at the Plochingen site in 1951. Feldmühle AG took over the company in 1953, renaming it Südplastik und -keramik GmbH (SPK). Feldmühle AG refocused its ceramic activities in 1991 in the newly founded Cerasiv GmbH, but then quickly sold it in 1992 to Metallgesellschaft AG, which integrated the company into its subsidiary Dynamit Nobel AG.

In 1996, Cerasiv GmbH took over Hoechst CeramTec AG, to form an internationally competitive German company for high-performance ceramics – CeramTec AG was born!

Metallgesellschaft AG’s subgroup, Dynamit Nobel AG, broke away from Metallgesellschaft AG in 2004. KKR, an American private equity firm, became the main buyer, integrating parts of Dynamit Nobel AG into Rockwood Holdings Inc. In the process, CeramTec AG became the property of the specialist chemicals manufacturer, Rockwood Group, with its headquarters in Princeton (USA). In 2013, Rockwood Holdings Inc. divested itself of a number of its companies. The CeramTec Group was purchased by CINVEN, a leading European holding company.

From its founding in 1996, CeramTec AG continued to grow. In 2007, it bought up Emil Müller GmbH in Wilhermsdorf. Further acquisitions followed in 2008 and 2015: to begin with, ETEC Gesellschaft für Technische Keramik mbH was taken over as a subsidiary and renamed CeramTec-ETEC GmbH, this was followed a few years later, in 2015 by DAI Ceramics in Willoughby, Ohio (USA).

Today, the CeramTec Group is the worldwide market leader in the field of high-performance ceramics and a member of the German Ceramics Industry Association, Verband der Keramischen Industrie, and the German Ceramics Society, Deutsche Keramischen Gesellschaft. Well over 10,000 products, components and parts from CeramTec, made from a variety of ceramic materials, are used in a wide range of applications. Worldwide, more than 3,600 employees continue the success story of CeramTec.