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State Secretary Impressed with the Range of Advanced Ceramics

Markus Grübel Visits CeramTec Plochingen

Plochingen, 2016-08-03

Markus Grübel, 2nd from right, was accompanied on his tour of the production facility by Reiner Nussbaum
of the Plochingen city council, CeramTec CEO Henri Steinmetz, Frank Buss, Mayor of Plochingen,
Jürgen Klemenz, Works Council representative at CeramTec Plochingen, and Production Manager Max-Stephan Schön, who explained how ceramic hip joint components are manufactured (from right).

On July 28th, Markus Grübel, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Defense, visited CeramTec Group Headquarters in Plochingen, Germany. While on site, he learned about the various industrial applications for advanced ceramics, including as protective ceramics.

"The multi-faceted world of ceramics and their wide array of uses are particularly remarkable. It was exciting to see what CeramTec, a global market leader located here in Plochingen, is accomplishing with
its products."

Markus Grübel, Parliamentary State Secretary
to the Federal Minister for Defense

Markus Grübel used his time in his Esslingen constituency to visit the ceramic experts in Plochingen. Henri Steinmetz, CeramTec CEO, welcomed the State Secretary as his guest of honor and introduced him to the world of advanced ceramics. Many people use CeramTec products on a day-to-day basis—usually without their knowledge because they perform their jobs reliably while hidden as components in various devices, machines, and even in people. Thus ceramic sealing discs determine the temperature and water flow in faucets, grinding discs grind coffee beans in an automatic coffee machine, many electronic components are installed onto ceramic PCBs in cellular telephones, and many people have ceramic dental restorations, all from Plochingen. The area of protective ceramics, which are used for military and civilian vehicle armoring, were of particular interest to Markus Grübel. Ceramic plates are also incorporated into bullet-proof vests for body armor. The State Secretary was thoroughly impressed with the transparent ceramic PERLUCOR. PERLUCOR is an exciting alternative for bullet-proof glass systems in vehicles. One benefit is their weight and volume advantages compared to conventional protective glass systems. Because the material is highly scratch-resistant, when PERLUCOR is exposed to sand, for example, it doesn't blind the driver as easily as glass. For this reason, PERLUCOR is suitable for a wide range of additional applications, including in architecture for stairs, overpasses, and floor lighting. Thanks to its robust quality, the transparent ceramic is used as sight glass for machinery and equipment, and the material properties are also utilized in optics and medical engineering.

The State Secretary ended his visit by participating in a tour of the Medical Products production facility. This division produces ceramic components for hip and knee joint replacement systems made from BIOLOX®. These advanced ceramics have set the standard for over 40 years and are an indispensable part of modern arthroplasty. A ceramic component from CeramTec is implanted in a patient nearly every 30 seconds today worldwide.