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Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs visits plant in Marktredwitz

Ilse Aigner visits CeramTec, the ceramic experts

Marktredwitz, 2016-07-11

In the training workshop – Ilse Aigner in a conversation with the trainee Julia Schiech, CEO CeramTec Henri Steinmetz, Representative of Bavarian Parliament Martin Schöffel, District Administrator Dr. Karl Döhler and Mayor of the city
Oliver Weigel in the background (from left)

The incumbent Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner (CSU), today visited the site of the CeramTec Group in Marktredwitz. Her visit focused on a tour of the Medical Products division production facility. Marktredwitz is among the three CeramTec sites at which ball heads and cup inserts for hip joint replacements and other components for orthopedics made from advanced ceramics are developed and manufactured.

Mayor of the city Oliver Weigel, CEO CeramTec Henri Steinmetz, District Administrator Dr. Karl Döhler, Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner, Representative of Bavarian Parliament Martin Schöffel during the production tour (from left)

Henri Steinmetz, CeramTec CEO, welcomed the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and former Federal Minister as his guest of honor and introduced her to the world of advanced ceramics. Ilse Aigner took the visit to the training facility as an opportunity to talk to the trainees about their apprenticeships. There are currently 45 young people receiving training in Marktredwitz, among the 117 at CeramTec sites throughout Germany.

Afterwards, Ilse Aigner participated in a tour through the new production hall of the Medical Products division. 120 of the 650 employees at the site are involved in the highly modern process of manufacturing ceramic components for hip replacements. The division produces ceramic components for the field of arthroplasty. These include ball heads and cup inserts made from the material BIOLOX® for hip joint implants as well as ceramic components for knee implants. The material BIOLOX® has set the standard in components for wear couples in hip joint replacement systems for over 40 years and is an indispensable part of modern arthroplasty. Today, about every 30 seconds worldwide a new patient receives a hip joint replacement featuring components from CeramTec.

Manager of Production in the Medical Technology Division Stephan Steiner explains Ilse Aigner the production of components for hip endoprosthetics, Representative of Bavarian Parliament Martin Schöffel und CEO CeramTec Henri Steinmetz quite interested in the explanations.

Ilse Aigner was fascinated from the tour through the production facilities. “I am deeply impressed from this high-tech production process and the precision, with which the components are manufactured”, she stated.

On her visit, Ilse Aigner was accompanied by Martin Schöffel (Representative of Bavarian Parliament), Dr. Karl Döhler (District Administrator) and the local politicians Oliver Weigel, Mayor of the city of Marktredwitz, and Matthias Standfest, CSU District Chairman for Brand and Adviser for Energy and Environmental Protection to the City Council. Alongside CEO Henri Steinmetz, Stephan Steiner, Manager of Production in the Medical Technology Division at Marktredwitz, Thomas Betz, Electronic Applications Division Manager, Erwin Kuhbandner, Manager of the Trainee Workshop, Franz-Josef Köstler, Works Council, and further senior executives also took part in the tour.

Chemical Applications and Electronics are two other divisions present at the Marktredwitz site. Here it is mainly catalyst carriers being produced for the manufacturing of plastics as well as substrates to be used as circuit boards for electronic devices.