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Congratulations on the German Championships in Olympic weightlifting

CeramTec Employee Tina Mirus Defends German Championship Title

Plochingen, 2016-06-24

Henri Steinmetz (CEO) congratulated the title defendant on her medal following her return from Rodewisch and wished her success in the World Championships on behalf of the entire CeramTec staff.

Tina Mirus successfully defended her title as the German Weightlifting Champion. The CeramTec employee was once again the best in her category at the German Masters from April 21–24, 2016 in Rodewisch (Saxony). She won the tournament with a combined total of 106 kg in the snatch and clean and jerk in the weight class up to 69 kg and the age class up to 45 years.


A total of 270 participants, including 32 women, competed for titles in individual classes in 15 different events. Tina Mirus competed for SV Fellbach and trained hard for over twelve months straight, up to 20 hours a week, to perform in the twelve-minute-long finals.

Mirus also qualified for the World Championships, which will take place from October 1–8, 2016 in Heinsheim, Germany. The 42-year-old has set a very ambitious goal for herself: 52 kg in the snatch and 65 kg in the clean and jerk, respectively.

Tina Mirus works as a design engineer in the Medical Technology Division and came to weightlifting through CrossFit. The exercise discipline focuses on brief but highly intense training periods and has been popular in the US for years. It is now winning more and more fans in Germany as well. The CrossFit program also includes barbell training.

There are now over 500 established participants in the sport of weightlifting in both the German Masters and the European and World Masters Championships. For more information, visit the official Masters website.