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CeramTec increases production capacity in Chemical Applications Division

New Kiln Hall Officially Opened in Marktredwitz

Marktredwitz, 2016-02-05

The guests of honor at the ceremony: CeramTec Division Manager Chemical Applications Thomas Heise,
District Administrator Dr. Karl Döhler, CeramTec CEO Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann, Member of Parliament,
Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Mayor Marktredwitz Oliver Weigel, District President of Upper Franconia Wilhelm Wenning
and CeramTec project manager Dr. Ralph Neubauer (left to right)

The Ceramic Experts at CeramTec have made a clear statement about the future of the Chemical Applications Division by officially opening the new kiln hall in Marktredwitz. CeramTec CEO Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann officially started operation of the system with a small ceremony. Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Member of the Bundestag, Wilhelm Wenning, President of the District Government of Upper Franconia, Dr. Karl Döhler, District Administrator of Wunsiedel County, and Oliver Weigel, Mayor of the City of Marktredwitz accompanied the festivity.

CeramTec CEO Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann starts the new furnace in the presence of the Member of Parliament
Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich

The new kiln hall was opened after only eight months of construction. The multifunctional kiln not only meets the demands of the Ceramic Experts with regard to increasing production capacity, it also satisfies the most modern requirements in terms of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The division’s main products include catalyst carriers for the chemicals industry used in plastics production, tubes and components for foundry technology and linings and grinding elements for milling technology.

“The demands on us and our products are rising. The new kiln hall will enable us to satisfy the future needs of our customers, put us in a good position in global competition with our products and help the division grow.”

Thomas Heise, Chemical Applications Division Manager
at CeramTec in Marktredwitz

The total amount of investment in the hall was approximately €3.5 million. The groundbreaking ceremony was in May 2015.

Dr. Zimmermann wished all the best for the business and a high utilization of the new furnace, contributing to sales of the CeramTec Group – which exceeded 500 million Euro in 2015 for the first time. The new facility secures the delivery performance and the position as leading company in advanced ceramics in Europe and as global leader in many product areas. Member of the Bundestag Dr. Friedrich sees the investment as a signal for young people to stay in the region and support CeramTec as jewel of the region High Franconia. He wished CeramTec good business and a successful future. District administrator Dr. Döhler, district president Wenning and Mayor Weigel joined in and assured support for projects to come.